Kimberly Ann Cooke

Kimberly Ann Cooke

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - In August of 2018 two Great Falls police officers were dispatched to a house regarding a possible sex offense that may have happened about one week before.

Court documents say when the officers arrived, they talked to the parents of a 12-year-old girl who told them that their daughter had possibly had sex with a man who was about 20-years-old.

The girl’s step-mother told the officers that she had seen the girl using a phone to talk to other people over Snapchat, the woman saying she did not know where the phone came from, or where the girl could have gotten it.

Court documents say when the girl’s step-mother checked the Snapchat messages, she saw several inappropriate messages, including messages the girl sent to a neighbor of the family, Kimberly Cooke.

The messages talked about a friend of Cooke named Josh Gardipee, court documents saying they were referencing when Josh might be coming back to see the girl again.

According to court documents, when the girl’s step-mother confronted her about the messages, she broke down crying and told her step-mother that she and Josh had multiple sexual encounters over the last few weeks.

Court documents say the girl told her step-mother that two weeks before, she was babysitting Josh’s daughter when he approached her and made sexual advances.

Court documents go on to say that a few days later Josh flirted with the girl, and asked her to give him oral sex, which she agreed to.

The girl also told her step-mother that a week before, Josh came to the house and they talked about having sex, and that Josh was nervous about her age, but that they ended up sex in the end.

The girl’s step-mother took the phone that the girl was using to send messages and went through it, taking screenshots and emailing copies of the messages and photos to officers. The phone and the photos were placed in GFPD evidence.

When a detective followed-up with the investigation, he could not find a “Josh Gardipee”, the girl’s parents locating the suspect’s car and giving the license plate number to officers.

The suspect  was identified as 29-year-old Joshua Rowland.

Court documents say during a forensic interview in Helena, the girl was hospitalized at Shodair for suicidal ideation related to the incidents, the girl saying during the interview that she had a sexual relationship with a man named Josh, who was in his twenties.

In October of 2018, court documents say officials obtained a search warrant for Rowland’s phone and found multiple videos of the girl performing oral sex on Rowland.

Court documents say two separate videos were also found of the girl being coached to perform oral sex on a hot dog, a woman can be seen encouraging the girl to simulate oral sex on the hot dog and complimenting her on her performance.

Court documents also say that in one of the videos, Rowland referred to the woman as “Kim”, who was identified as Kimberly Cooke, who was a roommate who lived in the basement of the girl’s house.

Cooke’s voice was also heard in two videos of the girl performing oral sex on Rowland, court documents saying she was the one who was recording at the time.

Kimberly Ann Cooke has been charged with three counts of sexual abuse of children.

Joshua David Rowland has been charged with four counts of sexual intercourse without consent and two counts of sexual abuse of children.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, Cooke has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with five suspended.

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