BILLINGS, Mont. - It's no secret the state of Montana is struggling with a meth crisis.

The focal point of vice president Mike Pence's visit to the Magic City, was to address just that.

It is my great honor to be in Montana today with your Senator, your Congressmen, (and) with all the leaders who are working everyday to end the scourge of drug abuse and addiction here in Montana," said Vice President Mike Pence.

The Vice President highlighting the focal point of his trip to Billings Wednesday afternoon per the invitation of Senator Steve Daines.

Prior to his address to the crowd, a briefing among Montana leaders, advocates, and elected officials to discuss how drug addiction has impacted so many communities throughout the state.

In the presentation, remarks from officials such as the Montana Attorney General and US attorney who informed the Vice President of statistics on meth in Montana.

Additionally, tribal leaders joined the discussion to provide stories on the impacts meth has had on tribal land throughout the state.

Following the discussion there, the Vice President addressed the crowd on working with law enforcement, the DEA, health care organizations like RiverStone, and organizations that help children who may be born to mothers struggling with addiction.

He also wanted to let Montanans know that if you may be struggling with addiction, there is help.

"If you are caught up in drug abuse and addiction, in the grip of addiction here in Montana, there is help. The people of this state and this nation want to put their arms around and help you restart your life free of drug addiction," said the Vice President.


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