Stay cautious with fires through fall

Even though the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, fire safety is still a priority.

In 2019, six out of ten wildfires in Montana were human caused. And being prepared this fall can make all the difference in reducing human-caused wildfires.

Vegetation will dry back out this fall and a spark from a campfire could ignite a destructive wildfire.

"Even though we're on the backside of fire season, but we want to remind people that even in a season like this where we've had some wet weather, we almost always have some fall fires." DNRC Fire Protection Bureau Chief, Mike DeGrosky said. "We want to remind people that while fire season has died down for the year, it's not over, and this time of year we start thinking about warming fires and campfires, especially now with the hunting seasons now taking place."

The Montana DNRC wants to remind hunters that shooting at exploding targets is illegal on public lands and has been the cause of a couple fires this season. 

They also say to avoid burning toilet paper, watch your trailer chains if you're pulling a boat or a camper, and never abandon your campfire. 

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