Mission Over Malmstrom: Mission complete

Weather brought an early closure to the Mission Over Malmstrom Saturday. Today things got back up and running with a modified schedule to help bring a fun end to the Mission Over Malmstrom.

Mission Over Malmstrom concluded today with more showings of Incredi-Blair-Craft and feats all showcasing different aspects of the military and flight.

Heavy winds were a slight issue at the start of the day but the public was still able to experience air craft and human excellence of all shapes and sizes.

We caught up with a couple fans today to see what the public thought of the weekend.

"If you get a chance to come here I totally would. You really don't fully appreciate what the military can do, unless you are here. And you get to see a bunch of things you haven't got to see before." said one fan

From a man facing the impossible to several different air and ground demonstrations. This weekend featured something for everyone. After the days events, only two words were left to describe the weekend as a whole.

Fantastic and amazing.

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