McGill Hall reopens after Asbestos closure

MISSOULA, Mont. - McGill Hall reopened Monday after Asbestos forced the building to close for over a month. Faculty and students now say they feel confident to be back in their original classrooms.

"We could tell that they had gone thru every single part of our offices and cleaned so we felt good that that they were proactive about a lot of things, that was a relief,” said University of Montana, Assistant Professor, Michael Cassens.

McGill faculty said they are pleased to be back in the building, on top of getting back to their normal schedule.

"You know we're like a family up here so it's kind of nice to have us back together again when you are kind of spread out so it's nice to kind of have our home back a little bit,” said Cassens.

Although the basement of McGill Hall remains closed, UM students and staff say they are certain that the University is working to keep everyone safe.

"Now you know it's on the fore front of their minds so it’s something that moving forward they want to make sure that safety is a concern, I don’t have any worries and that way plus we are in a good spot up here and our ventilation is good, so we feel good and confident about that,” added Cassens.

While faculty, staff, and students returned to McGill Hall this week, the ASUM Daycare will remain off sight until its new location is determined.

The University is holding three input sessions on relocating the daycare. The first meeting is tomorrow morning at 9 am at the UC Theater. You can find more meeting times here.

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