Crow Chairman AJ Not Afraid said right now all of Crow Agency is without water. His office is working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service to locate the issue and see what is needed to get it resolved. 

Cedric Black Eagle, Water Resource Cabinet Head for the Crow Tribe said low water pressure was seen at the Bureau of Indian Affairs water treatment plant a couple days ago. 

On Friday morning, Crow Agency realized they had no water pressure and were without water. At this time, officials cannot locate the exact problem.  

"Because of all the ponding that's going on with the melting of the snow it's difficult to identify where that break is or the breaks if there's two to three," said Black Eagle. 

Crow Chairman AJ Not Afraid Jr. said right now they believe a potential water main break has occurred near the Crow Nation Express Gas Station. His office, along with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Services are trying to find solutions.  

"The plan of action for the community is to designate an area for pottable water some of the ideas that come up is to have a tanker come in and receive water as they fill their cans or what have you bottles and so forth," said Not Afraid. 

Due those low water pressure issues, the Crow/Northern Cheyenne Hospital was forced to close their clinic and diver its patients to other nearby health care facilities. 

All non-essential staff was also sent home from the hospital as well as patients not in critical condition. The pharmacy remained open on a limited basis but all other patients were to sent to either Lodge Grass or Pryor Health Center according to a release. 

While low water pressure issues are addressed, patient appointments have been canceled. 

"They plan to bring in porter pottys for the residents and different offices that are still working so that way those facilities will be available," Not Afraid Jr. said. 

Cedric Black Eagle said all water treatment operators and organizations are working overtime to resolve this issue, but at this time he doesn't know how long Crow Agency will be without water. 

Lodge Grass Health Center and Pryor Health Center will remain open for patient care. 

This is a developing story.  

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