Water Faucet

BOZEMAN, Mont. - By taking the pledge to help Bozeman become the most “water-wise” city, you could win prizes including up to $3000 toward your utility bills.

City officials say Bozeman struggles with water in summertime.

“We just never know what we’re going to have in August or September, and because we're growing so fast and we have really nowhere to go upstream to get more water,” said city Water Conservation Specialist Jessica Ahlstrom. “We are a headwaters region it’s just really important that we maximize the supplies we have now.”

You can do several things to reduce your water footprint, such as turning the water off when brushing your teeth, using a high-efficiency faucet aerator and taking shorter showers.

The City of Bozeman offers free high-efficiency faucet aerators to customers. 

High-efficiency faucet aerators are easy to install and will save water every time you use your faucet.

You can pick them up and other free household fixtures at the City’s Engineering office.

The challenge is open to everyone, the general public, students and teachers, even the mayor.

“This takes each of us doing our part to use water more wisely inside and outside of our homes,” said Mayor Andrus. “Doing just one thing makes a difference. I pledge to conserve water and beautify my yard with climate-appropriate plants - and urge Bozeman residents to do their part and pledge to save. Every drop counts!” 

To participate, visit mywaterpledge.com and pledge to conserve water on behalf of Bozeman. 

You could win eco-friendly prizes, home improvement gift cards, home irrigation equipment, $3,000 in paid home utilities for a year, and a Toyota Highlander Hybrid for a local charity.

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