BUTTE- Police are warning residents of a "grandchild scam" after a 89-year-old Butte woman was scammed out of $30,000.

Butte police say the victim received a call on March 1 from a person in New Jersey who claimed to be her grandson. The caller claimed they needed $15,000 to get out of prison. The woman sent them the money and when they called back on March 4, she sent them another $15,000.

The scammer tried to get another $20,000 but the woman refused and called police.

Butte police say the caller will make contact with someone, usually elderly and request money to get out of jail. They will wait for a name to be offered and identify as that person.

Police advice the community not to give the caller any information. Butte police say departments will never contact you or a family member directly and ask for money.

If you receive a call like this Butte police advise you to hang up or call law enforcement.

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