Michael Hulk Schow

BUTTE- One Butte 4-year-old was treated to the experience of a lifetime by the first responders of Butte-Silver Bow County.

Michael "Hulk" Schow was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer in September. Hulk and his family have to travel out of state for weekly treatments and chemotherapy.

On Wednesday afternoon, first responders made Hulk an honorary police officer and firefighter, both his dream jobs.

The courtroom was packed Wednesday with community members showing their support for Butte's youngest officer. First responders lined up to give Hulk high fives and hugs as he entered the courtroom.

After Hulk was sworn in as an officer, Sheriff Ed Lester presented him with an honorary badge and the two signed a form officially saying he was an officer. Hulk was also presented with his official fire chief uniform and badge from Fire Marshal Brian Doherty.

He was also presented with gifts from Sen. Jon Tester's officer, Butte EMS and the Navy. Hulk had a huge smile on his face the whole time.

Hulk started his duties first as police officer and toured the police station, meeting his fellow officers. Then it was time for his first shift. Hulk was buckled into his car seat for the ride along with Officer Richie O'Brien.

The officers made sure Hulk had a memorable experience by having two officers go undercover as pretend criminals.

Hulk received a call from Officer Rhonda Staton and she said, "Officer Hulk, are you able to respond to the area of Silver Street by the park we have a suspicious vehicle? The male driver of this vehicle may be intoxicated from eating candy bars."

Hulk spotted the vehicle in the area of Emma Park and with the help of fellow honorary officer Anna-Lynn, the duo arrested the two male suspects. Hulk received cheers from his fellow officers as they placed the suspects in the back of the patrol car.

Officer Ryan Hardy said, "We see the bad of society everyday, so the fact that we could see the positive and brighten somebody's day, everybody when they see that they get on board."

Then it was off to the fire station, and Fire Chief Hulk put on his new uniform. From there, Hulk learned about all the different fire trucks and hung out with his fellow firemen. They even took Hulk on a cruise in a fire truck around the block.

Hulk's dad, Michael Schow, says he is extremely grateful for the generosity of the Butte community.

"This is his dream right here, this is going to be a day he remembers for the rest of his life and it's going to be a long life," Schow says.

The future is bright for Hulk. His dad says his last three scans have been clear and as of right now, Hulk is cancer free. Hulk's doctors will be monitoring his progress closely.

An account has been set up at Mountain West Credit Union to help the family with their medical expenses, all are welcome to contact the bank to donate.

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