Montana Veterans Meat Locker hosts raffle

Since 2017, the Montana Veterans Meat Locker has distributed over 8,000 pounds of meat to over 600 veterans and their families.

This is a non-employed, all-volunteer organization so our only cost is the processing fees," said Chris Grudzinski, founder of Veterans Meat Locker. "We have great ranchers and farmers and hunters who have donated these animals and that's great and we're grateful for it but then we have to pay the processor to get all this processed."

As a way to continue their endeavors, the Montana Veterans Meat Locker is hosting their first raffle to help with processing fees.

Giveaway prizes include a custom built new 6.5 Creedmoor rifle, a custom shoulder mount for a deer and a brand Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistol.

Veterans Meat Locker spokesperson Issac Orth said many people have already reached out to them in an attempt to help and the community response is amazing.

"So a lot of our base actually comes from a previous organization that Chris and I are a part of," said Orth. "We've found a lot of success with that and doing raffles. People kind of respond to it especially when it's associated with such a positive organization where you're really seeing the benefit in your community."

Orth also adds winners must undergo a background check.

"So everybody that we have donate the guns and the firearms that go through our process, there is an extensive background check provided by a federal firearms license certified organization or individual," adds Orth. "The identity of the person is definitely researched. They go through a thorough background check and we make sure the correct person is receiving the firearm. They must be of legal age, all stipulation must be met and that we do our due diligence." 

Grudzinski said this raffle enables their organization to provide food to those in need.

"This is my way of giving back, this is my way of staying connected because I get to see these different individuals, men and women and their families. I get to give them something that's part of me," said Grudzinski. "Of course food being a huge pivotal asset everyone needs, this is something not only for the needy veterans but every veteran. 

Tickets are $10 a piece or 3 for $25. For more information, click here:

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