Steve Daines and Jon Tester

With investigations underway, Montana senators are condemning the chaos at the United States Capitol Wednesday.

"There will be lots of questions over the next month or two, and there will have to be some answers given as to what kind of planning went into this," Democratic Senator John Tester said.

Sen. Tester said it seems like there wasn't a lot of law enforcement planning before Congress convened Jan. 6.

"We need to hold the people accountable that broke through the doors and windows, and entered the capitol illegally," he said.

The senator is calling on Americans to acknowledge and understand the two-party system.

"If you don't believe we should have dually-elected people sworn into office.. any office, POTUS, U.S. Senate, governor, I don't care... then you don't see this country for what the fore-fathers set it up to be," Sen. Tester said.

On the other side of the isle, Republican Senator Steve Daines also spoke out against the riot on Capitol Hill.

"These criminals do not reflect our values as Americans, they don't reflect the values of the vast majority of Trump supporters," Daines said.

With radical supporters of President Trump descending on the Capitol, Sen. Daines said he objected to Electoral College votes in Arizona simply to discuss election integrity, and not to overturn the election as a whole.

"It was never for me about overturning the election. The states make that decision, not the federal government. That's a very clear line of delineation in our constitution," Daines said.

He too hopes the radical supporters of President Trump are held accountable.

"If somehow they believe that having a discussion about election integrity was the cause of violence, that's just wrong. These were criminals. I'm thankful we will have a peaceful transition of power 13 days from now," Daines said.


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