Montana Rescue Mission prepare Thanksgiving dinners

The Montana Rescue Mission hosts its annual Thanksgiving dinner at the MRM men's shelter.

Volunteers worked in rotation to lend a helping hand to feed the community for Thanksgiving.

A full staff of participants spent their time cooking the food and packing the food in containers.

James Scott and his family have been volunteering at the Montana Rescue Mission for almost ten years and he says its become a family tradition.

"Volunteering is a wonderful thing. To be able to do something for someone who probably can never do something back for you feels pretty darn good inside," said Scott. "I mean it takes an army of volunteers to do this and I know for the Montana Rescue Mission, they are so excited to have so many people come to be a part of this and give back to their community.

Take out meals are also packaged and delivered to those who are unable to travel to the mission for a sit down meal. 


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