President Trump declared a national emergency this morning in order to get up to eight billion dollars for his border wall. KULR-8 reached out to Montana's congressional delegation for their reactions.

Senator Steve Daines (Republican) reiterated his support for the president's action today and recounted his trip this week to the border where he says he personally witnessed immigrants illegally crossing the border. Senator Daines says securing the border is important but also pointed out the president's emergency declaration secures additional funding to help law enforcement across the country crackdown on illegal drug trafficking.

Senator Daines said, "We need more force. We are understaffed in many places across our state whether it's at the county level, state level, federal level. This needs to be a full court press but that was also one of the outcomes of the portion just signed today. It has some additional resources for grants for communities to fight the meth problem. That's good news for Montana.

Congressman Greg Gianforte (Republican) said, "I recently visited the Southern Border and saw the crisis firsthand. Violent cartels profit from illegally trafficking drugs and people into our nation through unsecured borders. The president must do what's needed within his constitutional authority to secure the border and protect our country."

Senator Jon Tester (Democrat) had quite a different reaction, saying, "The president's emergency declaration is a divisive and dangerous move that flies in the face of the Constitution. Montanans expect their lawmakers to work together to pass laws that keep our government running and that's what we did. The president's defiance of those laws to raid our military construction resources will come at the expense of our state's defense installations and threatens the checks and balances at the heart of our democracy."

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