Montana lawmakers consider increasing gas tax to help transportation budget

In Governor Steve Bullock's budget plan for the next two years, he proposes an $80 million cut from the transportation department. The cut would freeze 30 highway projects, and millions would be taken from the Montana Highway Patrol budget resulting in 27 troopers to be laid off.

To prevent those cuts, the state may find funding relief at the gas pump.

To help relieve some of the stress the Montana lawmakers are having when looking over the transportation budget, their solution may be to increase the gas tax. 

State officials are reporting the the gas tax increase would be eight cents per gallon for regular gas and 7.25 cents on diesel. The last time Montana had a raise on fuel tax was in 1993.

MSUB student, Brynne Hocker is already on a tight budget and tries to drive when necessary so she says she's nervous about the potential gas tax increase.

"As a student, it's very difficult cause college students already have problems with money so raising gas prices isn't going to help us," she said.

Other drivers KULR-8 spoke with says a small gas increase will be worth it in the long run for our roads here in the Treasure State.

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