Granting wishes is the goal of the Montana Hope Project.

Today the organization is helping one little boy's dream come true.

Six-year-old Jaden is all smiles this afternoon as the Montana Hope Project grants him his wish of going to Disney World.

Family and friends as well as Montana Highway Patrol troopers gathered at Pizza Ranch to celebrate.

"It makes us feel honored and they took their time out of the day instead of staying outside and doing their duty, took their time to see Jaden and support him on his day and see how he's doing and everything," said Jaden's uncle Joshua Schmidt. "They were giving him gifts, appreciation tokens and it was really nice of them.

Eastern Montana coordinator Dave Evans said it's special for the families and also for him.

"When people say you do so much for the family, I don't see it that way. I see it as how much the family does for me. As soon as I see my wish kids, they're wanting to give me a hug," said Evans. "They want to say hi, they wanna tell me they love me and gosh you can't buy that. There's no money that can pay for stuff like that."

Jaden has two brain tumors and going to Disney World gives the whole family a chance to have fun.

His uncle said Jaden loves water and spending time on the beach, it will be precious time to share with his family and forget about his illness.

"He's going to love enjoying time with his family, out in the sunlight out in the park. He's going live it like a normal day," added Schmidt. "He's going have a big smile on his face and we're gonna get in contact with everybody and say thank you."

The Montana Hope Project is sponsored by the Association of Montana Troopers.

Four wishes have been granted in 2019 so far including Jaden's.

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