Montana Highway Patrol catches suspect after multiple vehicle pursuits

The pursuit came to an end in the parking lot of a laundromat off of Broadwater Ave and 1st St. W. 

A pursuit led by Montana Highway Patrol has finally come to and end after the suspect fled from troopers multiple times including last night and this morning.

The chase started near the Vegas Motel and ended at Broadwater and First St. W. 

Trooper Kirk Robbins said MHP were able to corner the suspect in the laundromat lot. Once cornered, MHP used their vehicles to push the suspect further, making sure he couldn't get away. 

The suspect was restrained and put on a stretcher. He was then transported to a nearby hospital by AMR. 

The chase lasted 15 minutes with the suspect driving as fast as 75 miles per hour according to Trooper Robbins 

It is unclear if the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was initially damaged after the suspect backed into a pole in the beginning of the pursuit. 

MHP said they cancel pursuits if it's a greater risk to the public than to apprehend the suspect. However, they said in this case they knew the suspect had a history of fleeing from the authorities and wanted to make sure they caught him to protect the public. 

Trooper Robbins said last night and this morning the suspect was driving at a high rate of speed, dodging cars, nearly hitting one in an intersection going at least 70 MPH. 

Authorities have not yet released the name of the suspect and this investigation is ongoing.

KULR-8 Reporter

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