Montana Farm Bureau celebrates 100 years during their convention in Billings

This week, the Montana Farm Bureau is celebrating their 100th birthday in Billings with their annual Montana Farm Bureau Convention.

Farmers from across the state gather for three days of workshops, policy making and of course, rekindling old friendships.

The Montana Farm Bureau has been around almost as long as Montana has been a state which represents the agricultural history of the Treasure State while giving the Montana farmer a unique sense of pride that comes with continuing the agricultural legacy of the state no matter where they are located. 

Vice President of the Montana Farm Bureau John Youngberg says "we're a big state, we're very diverse with what we raise.  We're very diverse in our geography, our weather but at heart they're all farmers and ranchers and they all have the same thing in common."

The convention is an opportunity for farmers of young and old to come together and work as one to help see their industry grow.  

For farmers like Dennis Descheemaeker of Lewistown, Montana, who has been a member for 40 years, this convention allows the older members like himself a chance to meet and see the farmers who will be in his shoes later down the road.

Desheemaeker says "I really like coming to the convention, I've been coming to the convention for at least the last 30 years so I'm starting to become the old guy here but it's fun to watch the new people come on and we try and get the younger people on our board."

Though the members of the Montana Farm Bureau will change, the rich farming culture of Montana and the mantra of the the bureau will always remain the same.

"We advocate for farmers and ranchers and will continue to do that," says Youngberg, "we've done that for 100 years and we are looking forward to continuing that for another hundred years."

The Montana Farm Bureau convention will be in Billings until November 14th. 

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