YELLOWSTONE COUNTY, Mont. - Election offices around the state of Montana have been receiving phone calls from voters who are receiving mailers promoting vote by mail for the upcoming federal general election. 

According to election officials, it appears the mailer is targeting registered voters rather than voters that are not currently on the absentee list. This is causing confusion for voters, because many people believe that it originated from county election offices, that they have been dropped from the list and that they are required to return the form to vote via mail ballot.

Yellowstone County said its been inundated with calls and 100% of the calls have been from people who are already set to receive an absentee ballot on Oct. 9. 

Things to know:

  • It is legal for groups to do this and in many instances it is helpful.  Unfortunately, in some situations, the wrong audience is targeted causing confusion.
  • Voter’s information cannot be withheld from such groups as  registration lists are available as public information in accordance with Montana law (13-2-112, MCA).
  • Voters may check their registration and absentee status on the My Voter Page here.
  • Most Montana counties use the "Official Election Mail Authorized by the U.S. Postal Service" logo on their mailers to identify official election mail (registration cards, ballots, etc.).  Any correspondence with logo should be opened immediately.  Campaigns, PACs, etc. are not allowed to do so and any materials that do not have it most likely are not official government correspondence. 

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