Montana All-Star Roller Derby team becomes fan favorites at national tournament

Last week the Montana All-Stars Roller Derby Team took their talents to a national tournament in Philadelphia against other state teams, and they put on a show. 

The team is comprised of players from all over the state, and they only practiced nine times before the national tournament.  

Five players on the team play for the Magic City Rollers in Billings. They said playing in Philadelphia was an incredible experience, matching up with some of the best roller derby players in the world. 

The Montana All-Stars started the tournament ranked 14 out of 16 teams in the tournament, but after a couple upsets against Ohio and Virginia, they say they became local celebrities. 

"And pretty soon everyone was sporting Montana jerseys and cheering for us and just loving on us just every time we walk in 'Go Montana!' and it was just amazing," said Danya-Dee Webb. 

"It was so cool everybody showed us love they were calling us the dark horse of the tournament in the beginning, and it just was like kind of surreal. I almost felt like I was in a dream for a little bit like I can't even put it into words," said Lizzie Miller. 

Most the players said their favorite memory was a tough win in their last game against Tennessee, finishing as the 7th ranked team in the tournament. 

Their coach Austin Heil said their positive attitude, and physical play gave the team a great reputation at the tournament, earning them the Team MVP award.

The ladies wanted to thank all their sponsors, family, and friends who have supported them in this journey and local roller derby. 

The five players from Billings are Danya-Dee Webb, Kayla Nelson, Lizzie Miller, Stacie Heil, and Chrissy McConnell. 

The Magic City Rollers practice at The Shrine every Wednesday and Sunday and invite anyone who's interested to come check it out. You can find more information on 

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