On Friday night the first round of PBR will start in Billings with professional riders facing off with their world class bulls. But one 12-year-old is proving on the miniature bulls, that girls can do anything a boy can. 

Najiah Knight is a 12-year-old bull rider form Arlington, Oregon. She started riding with Miniature Bull Riders three years ago and has loved it ever since.

"I feel like girls just think its a male sport and I say well girls can do it too I mean it's not just for males," said Knight. 

Najiah is one of three mini-bull riders in Billings with the PBR tour, and she's the only girl. But she says she earned the boys respect in her first year in MBR.

"They appreciate that I am kind of one of them like they kind of accepted me when I road my first year and I got the three rankest bulls," Knight said. 

And she's calling out the boys for always wanting to draw the easiest bulls. 

"I'm mostly the one who wants the rankest bulls  and I'm okay with that and the boys always want the easiest bull because they can cover them and I'm like I want the rankest bulls because it gets you more points and they're pretty cool," said Knight. 

Najiah is proving women belong in the male dominated sport. She hopes one day she can be the first woman to ride in PBR.

"I think people should know that people don't make us ride we do it because we love it and people should know that girls can do anything and everything," Knight said. 

You can see Knight and the two other miniature bull riders during the intermission periods at PBR this weekend at Rimrock Auto Arena. 

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