BILLINGS, Mont. -- The magic city has been invaded by miller moths, many of you have noticed those pesky little critters flying around your homes.  

They are annoying, but those little moths are just making their way through Billings, from the great plains, to the Rockies as part of their migration habit. 

The amount this year is higher than usual according to MSU Bozeman entomologist – Robert Peterson. 

He says the moisture we recently received is definitely one reason why there are so many.  

Robert says they are coming from multiple areas into billings to spend the summer in the Rockies. Not only are they migrating, but they play a major role as pollinators.  

So, these moths in Billings might be from Colorado – might be from Canada as they are again making their way to the Rockies mountains where they are fed on by the thousands by grizzly bears and some other animals but they are very important summer food for the grizzly bears.” he says  

He says they are a great source of protein and fat for the bears as they prepare for hibernation.  

He says its magnificent to see how these moths connect the major regions of the country like great plains to the rockie mountains. 

Even though people are annoyed, it’s a chance to pause and be kind of fascinated by a little moth that’s flying hundreds and hundreds of miles.” 

We will have to deal with them for a couple more weeks and in late august early September. Peterson says they will make their way back east towards the great plains -- where they mate and lay eggs.  

If you want them out of your home, he says you can use vacuum cleaners, you can swat at them, or you can shake your keys near them to make them scatter, they may think the sound is a bat.  

If you want to learn more about Robert Peterson's research on miller moths (click here). 

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