Miles City non-profit organization provides Chromebooks to teachers

MILES CITY, Mont. -- Miles City Community Improvements is a non-profit organization in Miles City that has donated Chromebooks to teachers in the Miles City School District

According to Miles City Community Improvements board member Marc Ingraham, Miles City Community Improvements has donated 20 Chromebooks to teachers in the Miles City School District.  Ingraham says funding came from a license plate the organization has created.

Board members reached out to the school district originally asking what they could do to help make learning easier for students at home, however for the school district, that was not the issue. "Well basically we said what do you guys need we want to be able to help the students learn better at home. Well actually the problem we have is we don't have the technology for the teachers to reach the students," says Ingraham. "It's an idea that our group hadn't thought off is the fact we assumed our teachers had that technology.  So they wanted to find a way to reach their students."

Jefferson Elementary teacher Maria Schock is one of the teachers who received a Chromebook. She said the computer that she had previously been using did not have microphone or video capabilities. Now with the Chromebook, Schock says she is able to interact and see her students more.  "It's hard, they're sad, but they love being able to video chat.  They want to show me all the things in their house and all the things they're learning and working on, so they're adapting like we all are."

Ingraham says they have ordered 30 more Chromebooks, with the goal of trying to obtain 90 Chromebooks for all the teachers in the district. 

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