KULR (Miles City)- Serious structural damage throughout the Miles City Fire Department has left Fire Chief Branden Stevens a building that's too unstable to operate in.

"We're in a building that was never designed to be a fire station. It's 70 years old, the foundation is shifty, the slabs of concrete are breaking off and we have big frost heaves which make it difficult to get the trucks in and out sometimes," said Chief Stevens.

Chief Stevens added that the wiring is bad throughout (the building) and the roof is in dire need of replacement.

"We were going to put a roof on last spring. When the building inspector and the insurance agent were out here, the structural supports for the roof caved in," said Chief Stevens.

After that, the building inspector condemned the building, forcing the firemen out.

Fortunately for MCFD, TC Energy caught wind of this and donated enough money to put together temporary housing for them behind the department headquarters.

However, Chief Stevens is hopeful that this summer things will change. He mentioned to KULR-8 that he hopes a new building, where the current one is, will house Miles City Fire, police, and other emergency services.

"Right now we have an architect drafting some preliminary architectural designs that we're going to present to the public hopefully sometime this summer that's going to allow them to see, you know here's some options. Here's option x, option y, option z, it's your fire department, it's your police department; community what would you like to see?" said Chief Stevens.

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