Two parents welcomed their little bundle of joy Monday in Miles City, but the way she arrived was nothing they'd planned for, or could have imagined.

It's a story unlike many others. Taylor and Angela Poitras were expecting their second child in the coming weeks. Little did they know the baby had different plans. Angela said in the early morning hours on Monday morning she was experiencing back pain.

"I slept through most of it," Angela said. "I kept waking up and I'm like 'What is this? I don't know.' And then it got worse when I got up and then about a quarter to six, I was like, 'There's something going on.' Then by 6:30 a.m. I was just in immense pain and I'm like,'We gotta go.' So we got everything in the car."

According to Taylor and Angela, the two live just five minutes away from Holy Rosary Hospital in Miles City. They made it to the hospital, but didn't quite make it inside.

"Taylor went to go get someone from the ER and I can see the wheelchair coming and as that's happening, she just plops out in my pants," Angela said.

It turned out to be a girl. Surprisingly, Taylor said he was calm the entire time.

"She's like 'the baby's out' and they just pulled down her pants in the truck and I heard the baby cry, so I knew that was good," Taylor said.

It's safe to say these parents will tell this unforgettable tale to their baby girl some day.

Both Taylor and Angela are still shocked at what happened, but are joyous their baby girl is here.

The couple named their baby Ashlynn Marie Poitras. She is a healthy 5 pounds, 1 ounce and 19 inches long.

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