Mental health help for Teens

With active shooter situations and school safety still a hot topic mental health is one of the areas politicians are looking at strengthening.

Emma Kerr-Carpenter, community education coordinator for Billings non-profit, "Youth Dynamics" says, the more resources we have in the community the better it is for everybody and the less likely these violent situations in school are likely to happen.

Kerr-Carpenter, says "Youth Dynamics" will help a family however they need help, whether that being giving a child a mentor in their school or  helping a child get out into the community and find a job.

She says there's a lot of research those in the mental health field are learning about how trauma affects the brain.

"Trauma from, like the trauma your parents experience and how that affects their body chemistry and then there's also a lot of research how the trauma you experience as a child will affect going forward," Emma Kerr-Carpenter says.

Kerr-Carpenter says she thinks listening to your child is huge, and giving them encouragement without trying to advise them one way or another for how to fix a situation, but normalizing what the child is going through, and reaching ut for help if what the child is going through is not normal.

She says it's key to get kids in need therapeutic support, so they can overcome anything that's happened in their life.

"Youth Dynamics" is all over Montana.  To find one near you, you can go to:

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