Meet the Democratic candidates running for Congress

It is the night of the Montana Democratic Congressional Primary Debate located at the Babcock Theater in Downtown Billings.

There are six Democratic candidates looking to unseat incumbent Republican Greg Gianforte. Grant Kier, out of Missoula, was an executive director of the Bitter Land Trust and an executive director at the Five Valley's Land Trust. He said heĀ  also improved Montana's aces to public and private lands.

Next is Jared Pettinato out of Bozeman. He served at the U.S Department of Justice from 2008 to 2017. He also attended Stanford Law School and wrote a book on political science and economics.

John Heenan is from the Magic City. He is a small businessman, owning a small restaurant and law firm. He is a consumer protection lawyer by trade and said he has donated over 40 thousand dollars to local charities.

John Meyer comes out of Bozeman. He is an environmental lawyer and said he believes outdoor recreation is now the top driver of Montana's economy. He said he wants to protect people, forests, water, and wildlife in Montana.

Kathleen Williams is also out of Bozeman. She is a lawmaker, she wrote and passed a bill that created a new type of corporation in Montana that allowed mission-driven entrepreneurs to work to make a difference without the fear of being sued for not maximizing profits.

Lynda Moss is from the Magic City and has been an executive director for the Western Heritage Center for 14 years. She was also the executive director of the Foundation for Community Vitality. Moss was elected to the Montana Senate in 2005 and served for 2 terms.

The debate began at 6:30 P.M/ and ran until about 8 P.M.

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