Medicine Crow Middle School: Honoring a legend

Bet some parents are happy their kids are in school again. This morning, School District 2 students headed back to the classrooms.

Heights middle schoolers set foot into a brand new school.

The much anticipated Medicine Crow Middle School is celebrating its first school year. It's named after the Native-American War Chief, Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow.

Although, Medicine Crow is no longer with us, his legacy and stories live on.

It's a dream come true. Dad always had high emphasis on education of young people. Not only the Crow Agency children, but children everywhere," Ron Medicine Crow, his son, said.

Medicine Crow Middle School is more than just a place for kids to do math and science. Ron says education is a bridge builder for many things.

"Education brings understanding, mutual understanding, peace and unity for every body and that was his goal in life, is to be an educator and bring the races of people together," he said.

Before Medicine Crow's passing in April, he was able to be at the school when they broke ground. Ron says if his father was still here, blessed would be one of the many feelings.

"Very pleased and very happy to see this building going up. He was aware, he knew of what he had to say then and he was very happy to see how much progress is done," Ron said.

Medicine Crow is not just a name for another school.

"I mean, I learned about it last year in school," Xavier Moats, a student at Medicine Crow Middle School said.

To continue his legacy, resources about Dr. Medicine Crow will be available at the school.

"Make sure they have those books available in the library, that is his own personal biography, "Counting Coup," on and off the Crow Reservation and that's a very inspirational book and I know that the children will be really pleased to read it," he said.

Ron says we should focus on the future. With all the bad things happening in the world, he encourages us to continue to pray for one another. As well as peace.

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