BILLINGS- The Veteran's Meat Locker is giving away food to veterans this Saturday, August 1, from 11-2 at Miller's Horse Palace in Billings. Veterans can receive meat from Montana ranchers and hunters, as well as produce grown in community gardens. Phillips 66 is also providing lunch for the veterans and non-perishable items.

Emilie Burditt, AmeriCorps VISTA for the City of Billings, said, "We'll have plenty of zucchini, squash, summer squash. We've got some cucumbers. You might expect swiss chard, kale, some lettuce, beets too. We've got tons of beets."

Co-Founder and CEO of Veterans Meat Locker Chris Grudzinski is a veteran himself and a Purple Heart recipient. He said the food giveways are to tell veterans 'thank you' as much as they are to help out with food.

He said, "Montana, I've lived here my whole life. Went out for various reasons, but I've always come back. This state, as a whole, has always been supportive of veterans and come together. And, that's what with our organization is kind of different. We're not only giving to veterans, we're giving to the family members of veterans. So, if a grandchild can come to us and show us their grandmother or grandfather was a veteran, we provide meat to them too."

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