Massive boulder and rocks crash into Billings home beneath Rims

KULR (Billings)- A rockslide on the west side of Billings crashes into a home, moving it off it's foundation.

The location on Laredo Pl. near Westfield Dr. saw serious damage.

According to Billings Police Department Sergeant Harley Cagle the call came in at approximately 1:30 Saturday morning.

Nobody was injured as a result of the rockslide and the owners were able to get out without any issues.

The cause isn't completely determined, although Sgt. Cagle says rainstorms and slides often go hand in hand.

BPD has coordinated with Billings Public Works on clearing out the boulders and rocks. The city will have to contract out in order to move some of the fallen boulders due to their massive size.

According to Sgt. Cagle, a neighbor had some smaller rocks hit their garage door.

There were no reported gas leaks or other issues with power lines or utilities.

Laredo Pl. is open to homeowners, however the road is closed to any other traffic.

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