RED LODGE- A man is working to create an art wall in Red Lodge for anyone to create art on at any time.

Rich Caporali is a Red Lodge resident who said the idea for the art wall came after he helped clean up some graffiti and litter in Red Lodge. He said the art wall would be especially for young people.

He said, "What I came up with was trying to create an art wall, not a permanent art wall, but something made out of plywood or a like substance that they can actually be creative and do their thing on."

Caporali's proposed rules for the wall would be simple: no vulgarity or obscenity, clean up after yourself and respect others' work. He would like the art wall to be 12' x 60' or 8' x 48'. He said the art wall would be painted white once a month to create a new, blank canvas.

He's also hoping to involve local artists in the project.

"These great artists that we have in our community can teach kids in their styles. And, teach kids how to do things the way they learned how to do it. It's more than just teaching kids art, it's teaching kids their style of art. That's true mentorship right there."

Caporali said there could also be contests associated with the art wall, specifically a contest to create "Welcome to Red Lodge" signs. 

"We need art," said Caporali. "We need people to create murals and beauty in our world. So, why not give them an outlet to do that? And, give them a huge canvas that they can work on as a group project or individuals."

Caporali said nothing has been approved yet. He has started talking with local leaders, including the mayor. Caporali said if the project happens, it will probably be after winter.

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