Man looking to hit golf balls in every state gains national attention out of Yellowstone National Park

Video out of Yellowstone National Park is turning heads across Montana and Wyoming. It's of a man, Jake Adams, who's goal is to hit a golf ball in every single state in the U.S.

On day 25 of his trip, he hit a ball from multiple vantage points in Yellowstone National Park. For example, off a mountain, into a mountain and what appears to be off a boardwalk.

Adams commented on his Instagram post, saying his golf balls are biodegradable. Adams has been on the Golf Channel for his adventure around the country.

In 2019, a video went viral that shows a man golfing off "going to sun road" in Glacier National Park. Historically, the park service has taken videos like this very seriously. The park has a "leave no trace" policy that's strictly enforced. 

If you see someone making a violation inside the park, you're asked to collect their license plate number or a photo that you can send to park rangers. In years past, the park has charged people and made them pay fines for similar offenses, along with banning them from the park. Fines can run anywhere from $250-500 and can include jail time. In 2020, a woman walked off a boardwalk in the park, and faced a $350 fine and two days in jail.

Littering or other dumping in the parks is prohibited by federal law.

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