Manhattan Police Department released October activity summary

KULR (Billings)- A man is recovering following what police call a road rage incident Friday evening. 

The call came in to 911 dispatch by an off duty officer.

According to Billings Police Lieutenant Brian Krivitz, the off duty officer witnessed the whole incident at 6:16.

A Yellowstone County Sheriff's Deputy arrived on scene, followed by Billings Police, less than 3 minutes from when the call was placed.

The incident began when a red pontiac vibe and a dodge truck had a misunderstanding between both vehicles.

Lt. Krivitz said according to several witnesses the vehicles arrived at the stop light at Hilltop and Main St. when the driver of the truck got out of his vehicle and started beating on a Pontiac Vibe, eventually breaking out the driver side window.

Out of fear of an assault, the driver of the Pontiac sped off hitting the driver door resulting in the driver of the truck to get hit and ultimately dragged.

He was taken to a local hospital with visible head injuries and an investigation is ongoing.

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