Bruce Tall Charged

A Billings man is charged with assault with a weapon and multiple counts of criminal endangerment after firing a gun into the air during a fireworks show.

According to charging documents the complaint was made around 10-pm Wednesday night.

Billings Police say Bruce Tall Jr. fired a weapon into the air from his home on Wicks Lane.

Police say that the shots were fired toward Castlerock Park where the celebrate freedom event was underway.

The affidavit states that when asked by police why he had fired the weapon Tall responded, "Because it's fourth of July."

Officers stated in the charging documents that one caller stated that Tall threatened her and shot his gun when she tried to park her car in front of his home.

The caller told police she feared Tall would shoot her.

Officers did walk over to the park to ensure noone was injured.

One family in the park said they heard the gunfire but no one was hurt.

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