Crowds are building as people flock to Yellowstone National Park to enjoy its wonder.

But as people come to the park, not all are paying attention posted signage.

That was the case Thursday as tourists saw one man leave the boardwalk and walk across the thermal area around Grand Prismatic Spring.

One woman shared video of the incident on her Facebook page Thursday evening.

In the video she commented how sad it was to see and that she was turning the video over to park staff.

The woman who gave KULR-8 permission to share the video, and not to be credited, stated she also got pictures of the individual and another man along with a photo of their vehicle and license plate.

Those pictures and the video were turned over to park authorities.

The woman tells KULR-8 that park authorities notified her on Friday that the two individuals had been identified and one was cited.

Suspects in YNP

Two men suspected to be involved with incident where one person left the boardwalk and walked across thermal layer at Grand Prismatic Spring in YNP.

A check of court records within the park shows multiple citations have been issued in the last two days. But those documents are not publically available for viewing at this time.

Yellowstone National Park encourages visitors to be safe and to report any dangerous activity.

On their website Yellowstone National Park explains that Boardwalks and trails around thermal areas are there to protect visitors and the the delicate thermal formations.

Water in the hot springs can cause severe or fatal burns, and scalding water underlies most of the thin, breakable crust around the hot springs.

If you are planning to visit the park in the near future, park rangers encourage you to take "The Yellowstone Pledge".  

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