Man allegedly fires shot at kids egging his house

A Billings man is charged with felony criminal endangerment after firing his AR-15 at three boys who threw eggs at his house. 

According to court documents, on July 11, three young teenagers were egging homes in the neighborhood of Central Avenue and Prickett Lane. 

The teenagers reportedly egged Brandell Jamez Zavala's home because they heard "gangsters" lived in that area of the neighborhood. 

Documents state Zavala came out of the trailer with an AR-15, the teenagers ran away, and Zavala shot one round toward the boys. 

When officers arrived, Zavala told them he owned an AR-15, but said no one exited the home with the gun. Officers say Zavala refused to let them in the home and also refused to show them the AR-15. Officers say Zavala changed his story multiple times throughout the evening. 

Court documents state Zavala told police he was awoken by eggs hitting his house and when he got to the living room, he saw his roommate holding an AR-15. Police then allowed Zavala to go back into his home.

Police looked up Zavala's Facebook page and found multiple photos where Zavala is holding a handgun and an AR-15 is visible. 

A Billings detective applied for a search warrant for the home. When conducting the search warrant, police found a container filled with hash oil. They also found a Smith & Wesson .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle with a loaded magazine containing 22 rounds in the trunk of Zavala's vehicle. 

Police then interviewed a witness who told them she saw the teenagers egging the trailer, and watched Zavala fire a round at the teenagers. 

This investigation is ongoing. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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