Making those New Year's resolutions stick

A Billings psychiatrist has five tips to help you keep your New Year's resolutions.

Dr. Erin Amato gave the following tips for success:

  • Write down and tell someone about your resolutions
  • Connect resolutions with your WHY
  • Make resolutions that you can measure and set a time frame.
  • Don’t abandon your resolutions if you get off track. 
  • Celebrate your victories. 

She said, "Revisit your list at least weekly. Tell someone else about your goals so you can lean on them for accountability and to celebrate with you when you achieve these things." 

Dr. Amato also said one thing that helps goals to be more achievable is to attach a "why" to your goal. She also said it's important to celebrate victories along the way, big and small.

"If your goals or resolutions get derailed for any particular reason, whether it's circumstances beyond your control or whether you've just kind of lost motivation, don't be afraid to get back on track," said Dr. Amato. "Don’t abandon the whole prospect of making these goals and changes because remember, you have 52 chances throughout the year to get on track for the next week. Or, you have 365 chances to wake up the next day and get back on track and move forward toward your goals."

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