Lost class ring returning to Wyoming man after 27 years

A Wyoming man is getting his long lost high school class ring back after it turned up during some city sewer work. 

Levi Kary is a wastewater operator with the City of Powell, WY. He said he was flushing out storm drains with their vacuum truck when the crew stopped to look at some of the debris that had come loose. 

Sitting on top of the debris was a 1991 Powell High School class Ring Kary said. 

"Through that, sitting on the pile was just this shiny little silver ring. So we picked it up and looked it over and it was a class ring. It had Gary Bessler's name on it, the name ringed a bell to me just the last name and so I looked him up on Facebook and asked if he recognized it and sure enough he did," said Kary. 

Gary Bessler now lives in Buffalo, WY. Bessler said he recalled a friend lost the ring when he gave it to her to wear back in 1991, and he never saw it again. He said until receiving Kary's message, he had forgotten about the ring. 

"I was very surprised actually, didn't think it would ever show up again. And he asked If I wanted it back and I told him 'yeah,' and he goes 'well I'll get it cleaned up and send it back to you' so I asked him if I owed him anything and he said no so I told him 'well I'll buy you a drink when I get over to Powell the next time," said Bessler. 

Kary has cleaned up the ring and should be mailing it to Bessler soon. He also told KULR-8 he had heard Bessler didn't know what he was going to do with it, so he is also making a small gift to go with the ring. 

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