LOCKWOOD, Mont. -- In addition to re-roofing the entire elementary, adding new flooring in the intermediate school, and remodeling administrative offices, Lockwood is constructing a brand new high school that will begin operation this year.  An inaugural class of around 250 ninth graders will be the first to walk the halls of Lockwood High.

"For a school that's built for a capacity for up to 700 students, and we'll have roughly 250 students in there, so it'll be a really unique opportunity for those kids and a good use of that space. We'll have about 3,000 square feet per student that first year. It's really exciting for this group of kids because they get to be the first group through the school and they get to start setting those traditions and those types of things. We've got our first homecoming and they're already planning for that. We'll be playing East Helena and that's a brand new high school as well and were going to utilize the bowl up at Rocky for that game," says Novasio.

Novasio says the Lockwood community has been imperative to the construction of Lockwood High.  The project was funded from a $49.9 million bond that Lockwood voters passed in May 2018.

Novasio continues, "One thing they talk about often is that the school is the center of the community. In Lockwood, that's absolutely true.  Most of the major things that happen in our community happen here in the school and the community has been unbelievably supportive.  And even through the planning process; when you walked through you saw the 700 seat auditorium, the large competition gymnasium, the huge parking lot.  Those were all priorities that were set by our community."

There will be an Open House on August 28, 2019 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. followed by a community walk through.  Novasio says the school district is hiring 17 new teachers and estimates they will hire about a dozen teachers the following year.  A portion of the high school will be fully functional this year and Novasio says the goal is to have the entire high school completed by next summer.

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