The ribbon cutting for Lockwood High School is Tuesday morning at the Lockwood Auxiliary Building. The Auxiliary Building will be the home for freshman students this year. When the rest of the high school is finished, the Auxiliary Building will host career and tech ed facilities.

"It's real exciting for this group of kids because they do get to be the first group through the school," Superintendent Tobin Novasio said. "They get to start setting those traditions and those type of things. We've got our first homecoming. They're already planning for that."

A $49.9 million bond was passed a little over a year ago to build the high school. In addition to the high school, the elementary got a new roof, the intermediate school got new flooring, and administrative offices were remodeled.

Novasio said, "One thing they talk about is the school is the center of the community. In Lockwood, that's absolutely true. Most of the major things that happen in our community happen here in the school. "

The Lockwood community has been unbelievably supportive. He said next summer is the goal for the entire high school to be finished. 

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