BILLINGS, Mont. - Monday afternoon at a Yellowstone County Commissioners meeting, several topics were discussed including the future of Yellowstone County emergency services.

The county has been receiving a lot of calls in regards to the CodeRED system as well as the old siren system. According to County Commissioner John Ostlund, there is no set date for a shutdown of the siren system around Yellowstone County.

County Commissioners are continuing to work with Disaster and Emergency Services to ensure that everyone can access CodeRED.

Ostlund added how valuable this service will be to our community compared to the sirens.

"It'll reach a lot more people and it will tell you whats going on where its going on what the problem is so you'll have a lot more information than simply a siren," said Ostlund.

Internet access is required in some form to register your phone number, whether it's a landline or cell phone. Next steps in this process include both a CodeRED and siren test this Wednesday, April 17.


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