District Court Election Recount

BILLINGS, Mont. - Judicial candidate Juli Pierce has called for a recount of her race earlier this month. She lost by 119 votes back on November 5 to Ashley Harada.

Yellowstone County started the recount on Wednesday at 1:00 PM in the Commissioners Boardroom in the Stillwater building downtown.

Election Administrator Bret Rutherford says this is the first, county wide recount they've ever done in Yellowstone County. The largest recount previously was for a School District 2 levy.

On Wednesday, the county had eighteen ballot counters split into six teams. The counters sort through the ballots, precinct by precinct organizing the ballots into three piles. One pile for Ms. Pierce, one for Ms. Harada, and one for ballots either without a vote or the ballot contains an error of some kind.

Unlike election night, the recount will be conducted manually, with teams double checking each other's work.

"So overall using the tabulating equipment is much more accurate especially on election day because the tabulating equipment is looking at the entire ballot. In this situation we are solely focused on one race so it isn't too bad on human eyes," said Yellowstone County Election Administrator, Bret Rutherford.

Rutherford said to the best of his knowledge, a result has never been overturned after a recount in Yellowstone County. He hopes the recount will be done by Friday.

KULR-8 Reporter

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