Sunday afternoon, once the rain died down a bit, the MSU-Billings students returned to Boothill Cemetary to finish magnetometry and use an instrument called a ground penetrating radar.

MSU-Billings student Jeffery Flechsing said the calculations from their measurements will be able to determine potential unmarked graves.

Lucy Kramer is another student who is surveying the site. She said its fascinating to learn about Billings' history.

"Learning about the city of Coulson, which was pre-Billings and learning who built it, why they built it, who lived there," Kramer said. "And then what this cemetary was used for and the people who lived in that city. It was only used up until the time Billings became a city."

"What we're trying to do is we're trying to identify the remains that are under the ground and we're trying to find whether or not the markers are accurate as to where they are at and we're trying to be able to map it out," Flechsing said.

Boothill Cemetary is located near the intersection of East Airport Road and Main Street in the Bilings Heights. The MSU-Billings students will be back next weekend to take more measurements down so they can hopefully come up with interesting findings.

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