Construction to the Alberta Bair Theater is on schedule to be completed by fall of 2020. KULR-8 spoke with the executive director of Alberta Bair Theater to find out if any businesses or people have been impacted in any way from all the construction currently going on.

This question arose from Seva Kitchen's recent announcement regarding their temporary closure. The business posted on Facebook Saturday the construction across the street gives them a perfect opportunity to work on themselves.

Jan Dietrich is the executive director of Alberta Bair Theater and said there have been a lot more foot traffic around the area because people are so fascinated to see the work being done on the building. She said it's mainly impacting the theater itself. Modifications with the system and the way things are normaly done has had to change. For example, the way patrons normally purchase tickets has to be changed now that the building is under construction. Dietrich spoke about the biggest change for patrons and the theater.

"A huge impact will be continuing events throughout the season in other venues and what we need to do to put on the production that we need to put on in those venues and hauling equipment back and forth from storage and what not," Dietrich says. "So it's challenging."

If you plan to go to any events hosted by Alberta Bair Theater within the next year, you can purchase tickets at the G.W. Building located on 3rd Avenue and Broadway Street here in Downtown Billings.

Dietrich said businesses will be seeing the most impact once the theater is completed and for some, change can be difficult. But to reap the benfits, you have to go through that change.

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