Unaccompanied veterans are commemorated at the Yellowstone National Cemetery

The Friends of the National Cemetery is an organization that recognizes every veteran that's laid to rest at the Yellowstone National Cemetery. This includes the unaccompanied veterans.

Bill Kennedy is chairman of the Friends of the National Cemetery. He said if a veteran is passed and without family or friends, those veterans are commemorated with the honor they deserve. Three sets of cremains were laid to rest Wednesday by other veterans who carried them to the Columbarium, bringing it a total of five

that were commemorated.

Kennedy explained why every veteran laid to rest at the national cemetery should be honored.

"When we started the cemetery many years ago as a county cemetery and then as a national cemetery, it was to honor our veterans in the community and across the nation," Kennedy said. So by being a national cemetery, we're able to honor every veteran that served this country."

Kennedy said the organization used to do one ceremony at a time for each veteran, but as they got bigger, the ceremony is done on a quarterly basis.

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