Alyssa Landsverk, owner of Guido's Pizza

Alyssa Landsverk, owner of Guido's Pizza

Three downtown staples are forced to close down this week.

This comes after building owner Bill Macintyre passed away.

Pug Mahon's, the Bookie casino and Guido's Pizza has been on the corner of 1st ave for more than 10 years.

However with the recent passing of Bill Macintyre, the building owner of where these three establishments sit, all three businesses are forced to close.

Pug Mahon's first opened their doors back in 1983.

It became an authentic Irish pub serving traditional Irish food and drinks.

A couple years later, the Bookie casino opened.

Alyssa Landsverk owns Guido's Pizza and says Macintyre was a joy to be around.

"His passing should be used for happiness and peace and growth for people and not for sadness because pugs was a staple and this building was a staple and he was a staple and he changed our lives," said Landsverk

Guido's Pizza wants to invite everyone to come in this Saturday.

It'll be their last day of serving food and drinks at this location.

Pug Mahon's and the Bookie casino declined to comment on the future of their business, but Landsverk says this won't be the last you see of her.

"I want everyone to know how much they mean to us and that every recipe, every pizza, every thing that we did over the last year really came from our hearts. it was dream to own this restaurant and to serve," Landsverk adds. "We are working very hard to bring it back."

The reason the businesses have to move is because the building where Pug Mahon's, Guido's Pizza and the Bookie Casino are housed will go into foreclosure.

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