State wrestling fans

BILLINGS, Mont. - First Interstate Arena at MetraPark is packed full of wrestlers and fans today, as the all class state wrestling tournament begins. Hundreds of wrestlers competing in the state tournament bring with them thousands of fans traveling across the treasure state.

Darrold Jones, wrestling father and fan of Sidney says they had to travel just under 300 hundred miles for the tournament. Jones says the distance is no big deal, as they also travel outside the state to compete.

"Piece of cake, Montana we travel everywhere, I've had our boys to Reno to Denver, we go everywhere, if you don't compete year round you're not going to be at this level". 

Not only will wrestlers be competing to be the best in the state, the fans will battle for the perfect seats to watch it all.

Parents, siblings, coaches and of course wrestlers all rush to find their ideal seats for their teams. Jones says they were outside MetraPark at 5:50 this morning waiting to be let in.

"As soon as they open the doors, we're running, we even use little kids that are quicker you know, because a lot of times they yell at the adults for running but the kids, they let them go, oh yeah it's always interesting".

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