MontanaFair may beat the record for attendance this year!

Marketing sales director at MetraPark, Ray Massie, said after seven days of MontanFair, this year's fair ranks second in best attendance. 2015 was the best year for fair attendance and we are slightly behind, despite all the weather issues MontanaFair has seen.

Massie said the carnival has done a great job with ticket sales and although they're behind the best year for sales, they may beat the record. He explained what could have attracted so many people this year at MontanaFair.

"We made the change obviously to 'Last Best Place of Summer' as a brand and marketing people always want to take credit for stuff like that," Massie said. "I think it's just we've had a great overall program for people to come and see with great food, great grounds entertainment, great night show entertainment, great rodeos. All of which to bring people to the fairgrounds."

Massie said hopefully, with Service to America Day Friday and the rodeo still happening through the weekend, they can beat the attendance record this year.

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