The Yellowstone Radio Club conduct their annual Amateur Emergency Preparedness Exercise

The Yellowstone Radio Club conducts their annual amature emergency preparedness exercise Saturday, an event that lasts for 24 hours.

KULR-8 spoke to Ron Glass, designated emergency coordinator for Yellowstone County, who said this is the largest ham radio event of the year with more than 35,000 members in the world participating! Members will set up their equipment in a field environment running on emergency power. They are challenged to make contact with other stations across the country. Glass said the more contacts you make, the higher your score is. He said friendly competition isn't the only reason the YRC is having this event.

"It's also the fact that it's just one more opportunity for us to go out in the field and actually set up antennaes in a field environment," Glass said. "Running on emergency power, solar power, generator power to make sure we know how to do all that stuff efficiently in case we get called upon to do that for the community."

The Yellowstone Radio Club uses communication through Morse code, voice communication, satellite, and digital. Glass said ham radio has been around since the 1800s. It's also very reliable response in regards to communication.

The event began at noon Saturday and will conclude Sunday at noon.

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