The Habitat for Humanity dedicates the 84th built home to one lucky family. Amberle Blaine has fought for more than two years to purchase her own home for her and her family. Now, Habitat for Humanity has made her dream into a reality.

Dozens of family members watch with pride as executive director of Habitat for Humanity, Jim Woolyhand, hands Amberle the key to her new home.

"Amberle and her four children have been working very hard on this home," Woolyhand said. "They were living in just substandard housing conditions."

"I was living in the women's shelter when I applied for it amd then I rented a trailer house down in Lockwood and I'm going from there to here," Blaine said.

Truly a story of hard work and dedication, her children were not only her cheerleaders and the reason why she fought so hard, they all pitched in to help their mother. Her eldest worked overtime to accumulate sweat equity hours, her second eldest babysat until she was able to start working.

When that happened, her third child took over babysitting duties and watched over the youngest in the family.

For anyone struggling in their life and wanting to strive for better, Amberle has a few words of advice.

"Tough it out and just, you know, grind hard every day," Blaine said. "I think as a mom, that was something that was most important to me was getting up and making sure that the kids were good and secure their future."

So what's next for Amberle and her family? Amberle said she is going to enjoy her new home. The home contains five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It's sponsored by twelve local churches. The families chosen by Habitat for Humanity are based on need. In three weeks, Habitat for Humanity is moving on to a new subdivision in Billings.

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