Shepherd Public Schools see significant damage to their buildings due to the severe storm that passed through the small town Sunday evening.

Superintendent Scott Carter with Shepherd Public Schools said the damage will cost roughly around 2.5 million dollars. He explained there is roof damage, extensive damage to the bus barn, all of the windows on the west side of every building is blown out,  the district office is unusable, and some of the school equipment- such as computers and books- are damaged.

Luckily, the schools are insured and the buildings are quickly being assessed before school starts on the 21st this month.

"We wanted teachers, staff, and community, to know one- we were hit hard, but two- where we're at and we want them to know we're working on it," Carter said. "I had people here until 2:30 in the morning Sunday night working to get us up and going and we're going to get there."

Carter said the focus right now is cleaning up.

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